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Regular programmers usually don’t like to write analysis documents, but I do! Writing these documents have helped me and my clients comment and visualize the finished product, on a very early stage, where changing the future of the project just takes some rewriting of a few paragraphs, instead of rewriting a thousand lines of code. So yes I do write analysis documents. Do you need one?

By the way, on every project I'm asked to be part of I participate on the elaboration of this analysis document if there is not one; so you can figure out that all my project have one.


Google, Bing, Yahoo are all great traffic sources for any site, the idea is to be on the top of their list; and there is work that can be done to reach this goal. I have a lot of experiences with SEO optimizations, here's a free TIP: Google can't see images, it just can read the name of the file and alt attributes, so add a title attribute to every image on your site.